Our commitment to sustainable and responsible travel

Golden Express Tours has been very keen on improving their sustainability and are trying to reduce our footprint and work towards a greener, sustainable development. All of the recent developments are centred around the activity towards sustainable practices. This commitment to sustainability extends to sustainability of management, partner agencies, transportation, accommodations, excursions & activities, local representatives, destinations and consumers.

Our company provides preference to more sustainable products and services. In selecting products and service providers we follow the following procedure:

We give preference to products with a recognised environmental or sustainability certificate or proved sustainability qualities.
We prefer products which have been locally produced.
We buy from local suppliers when possible.
We prefer to work with suppliers and service providers who have a sustainability reputation

We recognise that our business has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations, and to help secure the long term sustainability of the tourism industry, on emphasis the one in Myanmar.

Mission statement

"Our aim is to support a sustainable society and sustainable trade while operating in a tourism business. We support all business partners towards more sustainability and create more sustainability awareness among our guests. We strive to deliver quality in the tourism product, whilst operating in an environmentally sensitive manner that delivers social, economic and cultural benefits to Myanmar communities in all our destinations and for local partners."

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